Evan Skuthorpe is a London-based photographer principally interested in recording the banal and mundane nature of the urban environment and the familiar and intrinsic qualities of life within. In September 2019, he completed his BA (Hons) Photography degree with 1st Class Honours via the Interactive Design Institute at the School of Creative Arts, University of Hertfordshire.

Born in the Australian capital in the early 1980s, an original Generation Y (no, 'millennial' is not a thing), Evan spent the lion's share of his childhood living around the world, namely in Saudi Arabia, Singapore and the United Kingdom. These experiences left a lasting impression, with Evan later spending his formative years back in Australia where he graduated High School in 1999. The next two years or so witnessed Evan working two jobs - delivering pizzas and making the best damn burgers in the world at a local fast food chain before commencing the study of three diplomas simultaneously in early 2001. These were in software development, network engineering, and multimedia. Evan successfully completed these in 2002. After graduating, Evan set forth on a one-way flight to the cultural capital of London to seek his fame and fortune where he remains today.

Professionally, Evan has established a career as User Experience Designer in the creative design industries of London, having worked both in-house and agency-side for some of the UKs most well-known companies.

It was only relatively recently that Evan's interest in photography developed beyond a passing interest, and soon became an all-consuming passion. Evan decided to formalise his interest in photography commencing his BA (Hons) Photography degree studies in 2015, graduating in 2019. Evan’s work is in medium and longer-term projects.

Since graduating, Evan is working to grow his profile as a photographer, self-publishing his work, the vast majority of which is photographed in analogue in 35mm and medium format.

You can follow Evan's works-in-progress over on Instagram, Facebook and that other one.